Eight Legal Templates for Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

Save tens of thousands with these eight legal templates so you too can grow faster and finally get the returns (and impact) you deserve, without losing sleep over having your entire business at risk. 


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In This Free 67 Page Template, I’ll Share With You…
Three Non Disclosure Agreements to protect your trade secrets and intellectual property.  Use this agreement if you are bringing anyone into your business who will have access to your trade secrets. Be sure they sign this before they get access;
Two Joint Venture Agreements, including the one we use all the time, and for all our normal Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures over the last 18 years;

Joint Venture Broker Contract -  Use this when you’re planning to earn a fee introducing parties, or being a "toll keeper";

Our Asset Purchase Agreement -  when you want to buy another business, but don’t want the exposure that may bring, you buy the “assets” ;
Major Joint Venture Agreement - the big one.  This is the one we’ve used for years, for all our major partnerships, and continue to use to this day. We do a big deal together, we’ll use this; 
and so much more...
Hi! I'm Tom Matzen...

Chief Movement Maker and creator of the Strategic Alliance Summit, the only deal making Virtual Summit that guarantees six figures in deals for each participant.

I help high-growth businesses who need a consistent and reliable flow of new clients without gambling on paid lead generation, scale their revenue at will by executing Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances, what we call Self-Funded Quantum Growth. 

These eight Legal Templates have been used  by me, my partners and clients and have been responsible for more than one hundred million in revenue in dozens of industries across the world. I’ve invested more than sixty-five thousand dollars with my attorneys over the years for these eight agreements.

Without these, you’ll continue to suffer from inconsistent cash flow and those sleepless nights where you lie awake wondering where your next client or customer is going to come from. 

With these, you’ll become the most trusted authority in your space, effortlessly attracting even more ideal Clients who are eager to do business with you, a joy to work with, and naturally refer others to you. Use and enjoy! 

Saving tens of thousands is only a click away... 

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